Teammate audit software and internal audit plan template usage.

auditInternal audit is a key element of maintaining the (quality management system – QMS) by which to determine the extent of compliance of the system to the requirements of the standard and way of working in the organization. Usually internal audit is conducted once a year and check covers the whole system of quality management including internal audit plan template. When making changes to any of the processes or adding new required an extraordinary audit of the corresponding process to ensure its proper implementation or change in QMS.

The auditing process is complicated and therefore internal audits carried out by specially trained internal auditors with the help of teammate audit software. In conducting the audit, they are guided by the following principles included in internal audit plan template:

auditPrincipled – to conduct the audit on the basis of professionalism and perform their work with diligence and responsibility and comply with all applicable law. Be impartial and unbiased in their work.

Equitable representation – the findings and conclusions should reflect faithfully reality.

Professional diligence – application of diligence and judgment in auditing.

Independence – auditors must be independent of the activity on which the audit and act impartially and without conflict.

Software coverage – usage of teammate audit software and preliminary prepared internal audit plan template

Approach based on evidence.

Auditors may be as members of the organization and external parties. The condition is to have the necessary knowledge and experience and be guided by the above principles. Be familiar with teammate audit software and preliminary prepared internal audit plan template

After determining the audit team the lead auditor prepares a plan to conduct internal audit in accordance with the requirements of the procedure and distributed to employees, usually one week before the meeting. Specify teammate audit software and preliminary prepared internal audit plan template

audit softwareConduct of the audit is carried out according to the approved plan. The auditors carried out a preliminary review of the documentation concerning the examination process. During the audit, the auditors gathered information through interviews, examination of documents and records and through direct observation of activities and processes. Upon detection of non-compliance leading auditor completed the required form /procedure for conducting internal audit described what should be/, whilst establishing the reason for the discrepancy, deadlines for removal and possible corrective action.

After the audit, the lead auditor prepares a report summarizing the results. The discrepancies or comments during the audit are clearly described and justified under the relevant requirements of the standard, the requirements of the procedures or instructions on quality or other documents.

To facilitate the process of conducting internal audits created a questionnaire that can be used in the preparation or execution of the audit itself. It is true that matter is dry and hard to understand, but to begin to understand the need to start to practice. Why this is not your first internal audit. You do not lose anything if you try. If you encounter difficulty you know whom to ask.


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